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Hey Girl

I'm Alex
I create brands for amazing women. I share my knowledge and I really love what I do! I am a fan of good coffee, a cat mother and the queen of my own fairy tale?

I love hot chocolate, romantic walks by the moonlight, crime novels and American cars. I love heavy sounds and belong to the reading minority of books.

I still don't know how to make super good photos or cool makeup, but I can bake a nice cheesecake and twist the furniture, but no one is perfect ;)
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I'm a business trainer and influencer who will help you build an online business and live your life on your own terms! And all this in line with what plays in your soul under the brand Glam & Rebel. I help enterprising women in the beauty, health and wellness industry earn more in less time, building a great brand image on the Internet.

I'm a f*cking #rebelboss and I do a goddamn fine job!

My clients are bloggers, owners of creative stores, authors of courses and books, a self-confidence trainer - women with a claw who decided to take over the reins of their lives and create a business that will allow them to achieve the success they have always dreamed of.
I want mine and similar stories to show all women that they CAN. All you have to do is find your path, don't leave it for later, make a plan, and most importantly - work! Without work, nothing will happen. Success won't come knocking on your door without your invitation. You need to find an idea and get the courage to take the first step. Sometimes it will mean taking a winding road and shedding a sea of tears. But take my word for it, WORTH!
Hello rebel girl!
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